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Advanced Fiber Solutions AF-uOR-210

USB Powered OTDR

Advanced Fiber Solutions AF-uOR-210
1310nm/1550nm/1625nm; Single Mode (FTTH); 35/34/32dB

The AF-uOR-200 series is designed for single mode applications. We are pleased to introduce our latest unit in the 200 series, the AF-uOR-210 designed for FTTH applications. All of our PC-Based OTDRs measure the attenuation in optical fibers and splices, as well as the length and the distance to any event, such as a break in a fiber link. The Micro OTDR is the perfect tool for the construction, maintenance and restoration of cable plants and also as an educational tool. The Micro OTDR is accurate enough for laboratory use but portable and rugged enough for field applications.


The Micro OTDR consists of the single, small rugged case, it is lightweight and has a low power consumption. The Micro OTDR is used in conjunction with a PC or Laptop with a USB interface, eliminating the need for batteries completely! The USB connection allows the Micro OTDR to be controlled from a laptop or PC and runs off of Windows operating system. The Micro OTDR software allows the user to determine all the necessary characteristics of the Optical Fiber and is capable of displaying, storing, reading, printing and analyzing several traces at the same time.