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The Best FiberChek Probe Microscope

FiberChek Probe Microscope

Key features

Integrated touch screen with live fiber display
Self centering
Built-in fiber termination analysis
User-selectable acceptance profiles
Store results on device or export
WiFi and USB connection capabilities


Achieve completely autonomous inspection with an “all-in-one” solution
Automate your inspection workflow
Ensure fast and accurate test performance
Easily access connections at any location
Connect with anything and test anywhere!
Construction, activation and maintenance of passive optical networks (PON) to ensure maximum network and service performance




FiberChek Probe Microscope

Fiber Chek Probe draws on industry-leading fiber inspection expertise to offer a single, portable, “all-in-one” solution that all fiber technicians can rely on for all of today’s fiber inspection needs in one portable device. fully autonomous.

FiberChek Probe Microscope

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