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The Best LSZH UltraRibbon Indoor/Outdoor

LSZH UltraRibbon Indoor/Outdoor

General Specifications

Product Number 504EVZ-14101-20
Environment Indoor/Outdoor
Cable Type Ribbon
Product Type Dielectric
Fiber Category Single-mode (OS2)
Flame Rating LSZH™ (OFN-LS)
Application Aerial,  Direct Buried,  Duct,  General Purpose Horizontal

Cable Design

Buffer Tube Color Natural
Fiber Count 504
Buffer Tube Diameter 17.9 mm (0.7 in)
Number of Ripcords 2
Fiber Coloring Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Slate, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Violet, Rose, Aqua
Outer Jacket Color Black
Outer Jacket Material Flame-Retardant, UV-Resistant
Tensile Strength Elements and/or Armoring – Layer 1 Dielectric strength members
Tape Water-swellable
Tape, Layer 1 Flame-retardant tape
Tape, Layer 2 Flame-retardant tape
Tape, Layer 3 Water-swellable
Ribbons per Tube 14
Fibers per Ribbon 36

Mechanical Specifications

Max. Tensile Strength, Long-Term 890 N (200.08 lbf)
Max. Tensile Strength, Short-Term 2700 N (606.98 lbf)
Min. Bend Radius Installation 400.05 mm (15.75 in)
Min. Bend Radius Operation 266.7 mm (10.5 in)
Nominal Outer Diameter 26.67 mm  (1.05 in )


LSZH UltraRibbon Indoor/Outdoor

Corning LSZH UltraRibbon gel-filled cables provide the ultimate solution for indoor/outdoor high-fiber-count applications. The design uses 24 and 36 ribbons within a central tube to minimize the cable dimensions. The smallest and lightest in the industry, these cables are designed to maximize the use of critical duct space with excellent installation results. The UV-resistant, flame-retardant jacket allows this cable to be installed outdoors or in indoor general purpose horizontal and riser applications. LSZH UltraRibbon cables employ a single buffer tube containing a stack of 24- and 36-fiber ribbons that are easily separated by hand into two or three 12-fiber ribbons respectively. This cable is also available with interlocking armor for additional mechanical durability. Corning LSZH cables eliminate risks in the event of a fire as the LSZH compound does not drip when superheated. The material burns to ash, eliminating the onset of secondary fires. The flexible, flame-retardant outer jacket is UV-resistant and enables direct exposure to sunlight.

LSZH UltraRibbon Indoor/Outdoor


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